Defects in Brick Work and their Remedies

\”sulphate attack on mortars, unsound materials, frost action, corrosion of iron and steel, crystallization of salts, linear changes resulting from variation in moisture content\” While doing brickwork and after the brick is completed there are certain defects which has to be faced, these defects they must be avoided and remedial measure must be taken. These … Read more

Formwork Cost

During any sort of construction the cost of formwork constitutes a major share that can be sometimes a major factor to be considered while planning and estimating. This post will dictate the cost of formwork for various structures.  @import url(; Cost of Formwork for RCC ( function() { if (window.CHITIKA === undefined) { window.CHITIKA = … Read more

Characteristics of a Good Formwork

Concrete being plastic material in fresh state, has to kept within an enclosure (moulds) till it gain reasonable strength, this temporary structure which has to be built for any concrete member is called “Formwork”. Click me to read more about the Form work defintion and other defintions Characteristics of a Good Formwork Basic Requirements of … Read more

What is Formwork, Shuttering, Scaffolding, Shouring

During construction of reinforced concrete works as well as their maintenance, we need to support the structure as long as it is in its premature state or plastic state as it could not even bear its own load. After the suitable duration of time, i.e. when concrete sets enough to take its own load, these … Read more

Civil Engineering Contracts and Construction Contracts types

A simple contract consists of an agreement between two or more parties under certain terms and conditions whereby one party undertakes to execute works or to supply materials at specified rates and the other party undertakes to make necessary payments for the work completed by the first party.  The word “Contract” is derived from the … Read more