Determination of Field Density of soil by drive cylinder (core cutter) method (AASHTO T204 -90)

Knowing the density of soil at field is of utmost importance for a transportation and civil engineer. The Soil under the action of load consolidates and settles due to empty pores and spaces and also due to expulsion of moisture and air within those pores and interstices. The densification of soil is due to removal, … Read more

Los Angeles Abrasion Resistance Test

Abrasion is known as process of scraping or wearing something away, technically speaking; abrasion in geology is the mechanical scraping of a rock surface by friction between rocks and moving particles during their transport by wind, waves, gravity, running water or erosion. The intensity of this erosion effect depends on the hardness, concentration, velocity and … Read more

Soil Mechanics Laboratory Manual [PDF] Geotech Engineering Manual

To study about materials is very essential for civil engineers. Civil Engineers deal with variety of materials like concrete, cement, aggregates, soil, bricks and various others that are used to construct or to support some structural load. The ultimate destination of load for any structure is soil. Soil absorbs as well as dissipates the load … Read more

Determine the water absorption of coarse aggregate

@import url(; The limit of water absorption by coarse aggregates is determined so as to calculate the appropriate amount of water to be added to the concrete mix, thus modifying the water cement ratio. A bone dry aggregate would necessitate, while for wet aggregate water contents should be reduced. \”Determine the water absorption by coarse … Read more

Determine the moisture content of timber by oven dry method – Experiment

To determine the moisture content of timber by oven dry method @import url(; Apparatus Oven, weighing device, timber specimen. Reference: D2016-(Reaffirmed in 1983)  Scope This method covers the determination of the moisture content of the wood. Background The moisture content of timber is the quantity of moisture or water contained in it, expressed as a … Read more