What are the different Methods Used for Geotechnical Soil Testing?

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Geotechnical engineers and engineering geologists conduct geotechnical investigations to gather data on the physical characteristics of the rock and soil surrounding a site. This is necessary for designing foundations for structures and repairing damage to earthworks and structures resulting from subsurface conditions. Measurement of the thermal resistivity of soils or backfill materials used for underground … Read more

Top 7 Major Issues During Pile Foundation Construction and Solutions To Know!

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A towering skyscraper, a sturdy bridge, or maybe an industrial facility – what do they all have in common? Any guesses? Well, it is none other than a strong foundation. After all, without having a robust base, everything will collapse within a matter of time. No wonder the pile foundations are such a popular choice. … Read more

Determine Liquid Limit of Soil Specimen by Casagrande Method

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The liquid limit test of soil is a laboratory test used to measure the liquid limit of soil and its consistency when it is wet. This test is a part of atterberg limits test with plastic limit test as the other part. Liquid limit is defined as the water content at which a soil changes … Read more

Franki Pile – Definition – Applications – Advantages & Disadvantages

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While you’re discussing about different types of pile foundation, it is important to know about Franki Pile. A pile is a long, slender member which is used to transfer the load of building to a suitable bearing stratum and provide overall support to the structure. A pile foundation is more common foundation nowadays. This type … Read more

Stepped foundation – Construction process – Techniques – Benefits

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If you have ever stood on the side of a hill and looked at houses built on the same lot, you would notice that one home might be significantly smaller than the other home just because of the way the foundation was built. There are ways to build houses on sloping lots to ensure that … Read more