What is Asphalt Prime Coat?

The shear strength of the final asphalt product is affected by the quality of the asphalt prime coat applied.  Asphalt Prime Coat is also termed as emulsified asphalt, water diluted asphalt and Cutback aliphatic spray. Recently I have got the chance of working on a highway project somewhere in a mountainous cold-weather region.  And I … Read more

Right of Way – Definition – Width – Roads – Highways

When you’re into dealing with different pieces of land or in highway engineering, you need to figure out what is right of way width for a road or for any civil engineering property.  We drive on highways and use public amenities such as streets and sidewalks frequently but we don’t think about them very much … Read more

Special Considerations while aligning Highways on hilly areas

The position or the layout of the center line of the highway on the ground is called the alignment. The horizontal alignment includes the straight path, the horizontal deviations and curves.  Changes in gradient and vertical curves are covered under vertical alignment of roads. Highway Leading through mountains towards National Park Canada A new road … Read more

Marshall Mix Design Procedure

The word asphalt, asphaltic concrete, bituminous mixes all is pointing to the same things almost. The shining blackish paved road we ride almost every day and almost several hours of our lives are spent over them is asphaltic pavements. You know asphalt pavements have the highest riding quality among all others  The transportation engineers, know … Read more

Road Intersection | Type of Road Intersection – Highway and Road Crossings

Intersection is an area shared by two or more roads. This area is designated for the vehicles to turn to different directions to reach their desired destinations. Its main function is to guide vehicles to their respective directions. Traffic intersections are complex locations on any highway. This is because vehicles moving in different direction wan … Read more