Parts of a house exterior: A tour of outside of your house

Confused about different parts of a house exterior or what makes the outside of a house? While renovating your house’s exterior, it is pretty important to understand and know different parts of a house exterior, i.e., you’ll only be able to renovate the exterior when you know what part to replace and what needs repair. … Read more

Lean Concrete – Base – Mix Design – Strength – Purpose – Uses

Have you ever wondered what lean concrete is and what’s its purpose?   Lean concrete mixes is a concrete mix with low cement content and high percentages of aggregates, it is used in several works such as the blinding concrete under foundations and as leveling course below footings or in mass concrete such as dams. … Read more

What is Waffle Slab?

So I am glad that you have asked me “what a waffle slab system is?” – You have asked this question because waffle slab is not that common throughout the world. Its not like a flat slab which is here and there i.e. everywhere – and 90% chance is that the slab shielding you from … Read more

What is Polymer Concrete?

If in 2018 you are not familiar with this highly durable and beneficial construction material than you must read each an every word of this article about Polymer Concrete. Because I\’ll be going through all the aspects of Polymer Concrete including its definition, how it is produced / made, how it is used, what are … Read more

What is Plum Concrete?

The word plum means large stones which are termed as boulders or coarse aggregates if technically speaking. The plum concrete is actually an economical variation of mass concrete. It is one of the many different types of concrete. The use of plum concrete is preferred if the required thickness of PCC is excessive or large. … Read more