What is Frost Wall? Purpose & Types

Building houses and structures in extreme climates is always a challenge, the temperature depending characteristics of building materials is the sole reason for such a trial. Concrete pouring in hot expands too much and in cold climate contracts too much thereby producing such internal stresses that if not properly taken under-consideration would produce extreme internal … Read more

What is Efflorescence? Causes, Prevention and Removal Techniques

The brick masonry industry is plagued with a stubborn and persistent confusing delinquent trouble frequently seen as white powdery scum on a lot of buildings. This white powdery substance is termed as efflorescence which is, although, not well understood but still the masonry industry is still able to define it, knows where it comes from … Read more

Football Pitch of Rio de Janeiro Generates Electricity With Pavegen\’s Tiles

 You might have ridden a bicycle that turns the headlights as soon as you start paddling. You might also have seen wind energy got converted into electrical energy or waves at sea shore generating power to light a lighthouse. These all transformations work on the basic principle pertaining to energy conservation law.  Football Pitch of … Read more

12+ Different Common Types of Doors

Well, the word door is a very common and a very widespread word; however, today we will explain and enlighten some of the unique types of doors you might not be familiar with. Before going into that let’s first talk about technical definition of door in civil engineering. “The arrangements made to provide free and … Read more

Difference between roller compacted concrete and conventional concrete

Today we are going to discuss a very common, yet very important confusion that exists among fresh civil engineers that what is the different between Roller compacted concrete and conventional Reinforced Cement Concrete. So here is an answer for this; What is Reinforced Cement Concrete?  Reinforced concrete (RC) is a composite material in which concrete\’s … Read more