Stanford engineers develop planning tool for replenishing aquifers

You might have already known about the countless inventions, methods and startups striving to protect and store the underground hidden aquifers which are the potential source for drinkable and potable water. And on the parallel lines companies have installed and mounted innumerable recycling systems for treating waste water that can be consumed for agricultural irrigation … Read more

Football Pitch of Rio de Janeiro Generates Electricity With Pavegen\’s Tiles

 You might have ridden a bicycle that turns the headlights as soon as you start paddling. You might also have seen wind energy got converted into electrical energy or waves at sea shore generating power to light a lighthouse. These all transformations work on the basic principle pertaining to energy conservation law.  Football Pitch of … Read more

SmartSite – A monitoring unit for building sites

This brand-new company, founded in 2016, offers a tool that makes it possible to manage a safe work environment on construction sites. The product is placed in the construction site area, and continually examines a number of parameters: the noise level, dust levels, radiation levels, etc. The tool makes it possible to test the exposure … Read more