What is the difference between working stress approach and limit state approach?

For working stress approach, service loads are used in the whole design and the strength of material is not utilized in the full extent. In this method of design, stresses acting on structural members are calculated based on elastic method and they are designed not to exceed certain allowable values. In fact, the whole structure … Read more

Download Isolated Foundation Design and Analysis Excel Sheet ACI 318M-95 [XLS]

Today I am going to share with you a very excellent Excel Sheet for the design and analysis of Isolated Foundation of column based on ACI 318 code. It involves all the checks and steps involved. Download Isolated Foundation Design Excel Sheet Do you Know Isolated foundation are mostly used for columns and frame structure … Read more

Procedure for Design of Abutments

A series of steps must be followed to obtain a satisfactory design. STEP 1: SELECT PRELIMINARY PROPORTIONS OF THE WALL. STEP 2: DETERMINE LOADS AND EARTH PRESSURES. STEP 3: CALCULATE MAGNITUDE OF REACTION FORCES ON BASE. STEP 4: CHECK STABILITY AND SAFETY CRITERIAa. Location of normal component of reactions.b. Adequacy of bearing pressure.c. Safety against … Read more

What is influence line Diagram? difference between bending moment diagram and influence line diagram

Concept of Influence line was developed by Winkler in 1867. Influence Diagram concept is used for analysis of structures that are subjected to variable or moving loads. Structures like bridges, culverts and even roofs of a house is also such structures that have live and moving loads. Definition Influence line is defined as; “a graph … Read more

Download Structural Steel Designer\’s Handbook by Roger and Frederick Free [PDF]

Steel structures are considered highly effective in terms of light weight and high rise structures. They are more earth quake resistant and more long lasting. Steel structures needs more maintenance and care as compared with concrete structures.In advanced countries steel structures are preferred as compared to concrete structures. The availability of steel, types of cross-section … Read more