Procedure for Design of Abutments

A series of steps must be followed to obtain a satisfactory design. STEP 1: SELECT PRELIMINARY PROPORTIONS OF THE WALL. STEP 2: DETERMINE LOADS AND EARTH PRESSURES. STEP 3: CALCULATE MAGNITUDE OF REACTION FORCES ON BASE. STEP 4: CHECK STABILITY AND SAFETY CRITERIAa. Location of normal component of reactions.b. Adequacy of bearing pressure.c. Safety against … Read more

New Khanki Bridge at Wazirabad New Project

Replacement of 121 years old Khanki Headworks with a new barrage is planned to increase agricultural production by 10 per cent in eight districts of central Punjab, and also to ensure sustainable irrigation supplies to the area. Client Punjab Irrigation Department, Govt. of Punjab Location Wazirabad Tehsil of Gujranwala district in Punjab Pakistan about 52 … Read more

Download Bridge Engineering Handbook Superstructure Design By Wai-Fah Chen and Lian Duan

Throughout the history of civilization bridges have been the icons of cities, regions, and countries. All bridges are useful for transportation, commerce, and war. Bridges are necessary for civilization to exist, and many bridges are beautiful. A few have become the symbols of the best, noblest, and most beautiful that mankind has achieved. The secrets … Read more

Download Book on Bridge Engineering by J. A. L Waddell [pdf]

Today bridge building is truly a science; only three decades back it as hardly worthy to be termed an art; while seventy-five years ago, it was no better than a trade. Nearly all of the important and distinctive features of modern American Bridge practice have been developed within the memories of engineers still living; and … Read more