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Today bridge building is truly a science; only three decades back it as hardly worthy to be termed an art; while seventy-five years ago, it was no better than a trade. Nearly all of the important and distinctive features of modern American Bridge practice have been developed within the memories of engineers still living; and so far as most lines of bridge construction are concerned, the same statement holds true for European practice as well. But while bridge building as a learned profession is thus of very recent origin, it must not be through that the previous centuries made no contributions to our knowledge of bridge construction; for there are in existence today bridges that have withstood the ravages of time for over two thousand years, and the records of antiquity tell of others built many centuries earlier-then before the dawn of authentic history.

A structure carrying a road, path, railway, etc. across a river, road, or other obstacle is known as a bridge. 

Download Bridge Engineering by J. A. L. Waddell

About the Book \”Bridge Engineering\”

The book that I am going to share with you today is “Bridge Engineering” by “J. A. L. Waddell”. This book is considered as pioneers among the books on bridge engineering. A complete set of more than 1000 pages and chapters of over 60 include ocean knowledge. It includes from very minor to major detail and designing standards along with government and private practice rules and regulations regarding bridge engineering.

Title of the Book

Bridge Engineering


J. A. L. Waddell
C.E. (Rens. Poly. Inst.); B.A.Sc., Ma.E., D.Sc,. (McGill Univ.): D.E. (Univ. of Neb.)

J.A. L. Waddell

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Contents of the Book

Chapter 1: Evolution of Bridge Engineering
Chapter 2: The Bridge Specialist
Chapter 3: Ordinary Materials of Bridge Construction
Chapter 4: Alloy Steels in BridgeWork
Chapter 5: Dead Loads
Chapter 6:Live Loads
Chapter 7: Impact Loads
Chapter 8: Centrifugal forces and other effects of track curvature
Chapter 9: Wind Loads, Vibration loads, and traction loads
Chapter 10:Methods of Stress Computation
Chapter 11: Secondary stresses, temperature stresses, and indeterminate stresses
Chapter 12:Deflection
Chapter 13: Combination of stresses
Chapter 14: Intensities of working stresses
Chapter 15: First principles of designing
Chapter 16: Detailing in general
Chapter 17: Shopwork as affecting bridge design
Chapter 18: Classes of traffic and provision therefor
Chapter 19: Floors and Floors sytesm
Chapter 20:Laterals and sway-bracing
Chapter 21:Plate Girder and rolled I-Beam bridges
Chapter 22:Simple truss bridge
Chapter 23: Trestles, viaducts and bridge approaches
Chapter 24:Elevated Rail roads
Chapter 25: Cantilever Bridges
Chapter 26: Arch Bridges
Chapter 27: Suspension Bridges
Chapter 28: Movable bridges in general
Chapter 29: Swing Bridges
Chapter 30: Bascule Bridges
Chapter 31: Vertical lift bridges
Chapter 32: Riveted versus pin-connected trusses
Chapter 33: Dimensioning for camber
Chapter 34: Protection of metal work
Chapter 35: Wooden bridges and trestles
Chapter 36: Draw-Bridge Protection
Chapter 37: Reinforced-concrete bridges
Chapter 38: Foundations in general
Chapter 39: Cofferdams
Chapter 40: Open-Dredging Process
Chapter 41: Pneumatic Process
Chapter 42: Piles and Pile Driving
Chapter 43: Piers , pedestals, abutments, retaining walls, and culverts
Chapter 44: Shore protection and mattress work
Chapter 45: Expedients in design and construction
Chapter 46: Data required for designing bridges, trestles and viaducts
Chapter 47: Locating of bridges and preliminary surveys
Chapter 48: Borings
Chapter 49: Determination of water ways
Chapter 50: Requirements of the united States Government for bridging navigable waters

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