Bridge Design for the Civil and Structural Professional Engineering Exams by Rober H and Jai B. Kim

This Book on Bridge Design is intended to serve both as a study reference for practicing engineers and engineering faculty preparing for the civil and structural professional engineering examinations, and as classroom text for civil engineering seniors and graduate students. Bridge Design for the Civil and Structural Professional Engineering Exams by Rober H and Jai … Read more

What is Structural health monitoring (SHM)

Structural health monitoring (SHM) Civil infrastructures such as bridges, viaducts, buildings, dams etc. are valuable national assets that must be maintained to ensure public safety. In a modern society, these structures facilitate our transportation networks, industrial activities, and everyday life. Currently, most of these infrastructures especially bridges, are either reaching their design lives or have … Read more

Parts of a Bridge Structure – Concrete Span Bridge

Bridges in a broad spectrum is one of the major Infrastructure types that depicts the development and expansion of a region. The significance and value of a Bridge is doubt less at all.  These structures have provided the ease and reduced the distances between two cities and countries. I have worked in regions full of … Read more

Parts of Bridge

Bridge is basically a structure that is carrying a road, a path, railway etc. across a river, road or other obstable. It is a structure spanning and providing passage over a river, chasm, road or the like.  At the end of this post you will be able to understand :-  What is a bridge? What … Read more

Types of Bridges in Civil Engineering (MUST KNOW)

A bridge is a structure that is used to cross some form of barrier, making it easier get to one place from another.  Other barriers, such as rivers, have always confronted travelers and traders who wanted to take the shortest, quickest and safest route to complete their journeys. Types of bridges in Civil Engineering Arch … Read more