Types of Bridges in Civil Engineering (MUST KNOW)

A bridge is a structure that is used to cross some form of barrier, making it easier get to one place from another.  Other barriers, such as rivers, have always confronted travelers and traders who wanted to take the shortest, quickest and safest route to complete their journeys. Types of bridges in Civil Engineering Arch … Read more

8+ Top amazing Bridges of the World that will make you stunned

Bridges are considered as an important construction with respect to infrastructure and development of a region. This structure is not only important during peace time but also important during war times as is the only access towards some area. In the world there are many iconic civil engineering structures but bridges are ahead of all … Read more

What is Box Girder, Advantages and Disadvantages

As we move across highways we see a mess in traffic, cars making noise of horns, you sometimes can’t even see the carpet of highway. The increased population and expansion of residential areas and highways in all directions cause conflicts in directions. We sometimes see an interchange with over 5 highways merging at one line; … Read more