What is Polymer Concrete?

If in 2018 you are not familiar with this highly durable and beneficial construction material than you must read each an every word of this article about Polymer Concrete. Because I\’ll be going through all the aspects of Polymer Concrete including its definition, how it is produced / made, how it is used, what are … Read more

What is Raft Foundation?

Raft foundation are among the most common types of foundations used these days keeping in view the structural safety, requirements and the ground bearing capacity.   What is Raft Foundation?  So you might also be the one that are told by their contractors or construction experts that your house is going to be built on the … Read more

Right of Way – Definition – Width – Roads – Highways

When you’re into dealing with different pieces of land or in highway engineering, you need to figure out what is right of way width for a road or for any civil engineering property.  We drive on highways and use public amenities such as streets and sidewalks frequently but we don’t think about them very much … Read more


The art of covering the surface of masonry work with a suitable material is called plastering. A fine paste of mortar made by mixing cement with sand or fat lime with sand or surkhi in addition to sufficient quantity of water if called plaster. When cement is used as a binding material, the plaster is called … Read more

Stepped foundation – Construction process – Techniques – Benefits

If you have ever stood on the side of a hill and looked at houses built on the same lot, you would notice that one home might be significantly smaller than the other home just because of the way the foundation was built. There are ways to build houses on sloping lots to ensure that … Read more