How to Choose Final Year Project and get Success (Guaranteed)

Working for your Final year Project is not a hectic and boring routine and you must not take this for-granted.Take this as an exciting opportunity and try to develop interest by concentrating on the topics of your taste.For Civil Engineers\’ we had created a secret list of awesome, innovative and interesting final year projects you … Read more

An autonomous self-driving fleet of Boat for Amsterdam Waterways Research

Amsterdam, the city of water ways, is located in the western Netherlands in the province of North Holland. This city is famous for its Water ways. You must have heard about the self-driving cars may be on the internet or on television News but you must not have heard or seen a self-driving or autonomous … Read more

No Fines Concrete

As the name suggests, no fines concrete is simply the concrete in which fines or fine aggregate is absent and omitted intentionally. Fine aggregates generally consist of natural sand or crushed stone with most particles passing through a 9.5 mm or 3/8 inch sieve.  Now you might have heard about the gradation or sieve analysis … Read more