Effect of Fineness of Cement on Concrete Properties

Fineness of cement is a characteristic property of cement that signifies the particle size of cement and its specific surface area. Greater fineness of cement means the particles are finer and had more surface area. In case of very coarse cement, under some conditions it can cause a serious bleeding problem on some construction projects. … Read more

Self Sealing Concrete Using Superabsorbent Polymer

Concrete throughout its life passes by many phases and changes, starting from initial shrinkage from hydration to serviceability hair cracking after loading. Concrete has countless advantages with no-doubt at all and is the reason why it is the second most widely used material after water.  During these phases the concrete also go through cracking which … Read more

Self Healing Bioconcrete A Live Concrete

Have you ever heard of something like “Live Concrete”?. No? then here is a news for you fellow; Now the concrete has been given life. The perfect example of sustainable and green technology “Self Healing Concrete”.  World’s most popular construction material The Concrete, in common terms is a simple mixture of cement, aggregate and water. … Read more

An autonomous self-driving fleet of Boat for Amsterdam Waterways Research

Amsterdam, the city of water ways, is located in the western Netherlands in the province of North Holland. This city is famous for its Water ways. You must have heard about the self-driving cars may be on the internet or on television News but you must not have heard or seen a self-driving or autonomous … Read more

New bridge construction technique being developed at Purdue

The story is from West Indiana United States where Researchers  are in the process of a breakthrough in the construction of bridges. When Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) and the city made the decision to replace the eastbound bridge over the Wabash (Wabash is a city in Noble Township, Wabash County, Indiana, United States.), they … Read more