Excavators – The Cornerstone of the Construction Industry

The importance of hydraulic excavators can never be undermined from any perspective, due to the role that they play in prepping construction sites. From digging hard soiled strata to breaking concrete and drilling holes to cutting steel laying gravel, paving breaking boulders, these heavy construction machines typically reduce the work time and workload of a … Read more

Hiring a Box Trailer – A Quick Transportation Solution

Are you looking for a fast and easy way to transport your goods? If you don’t have the cash to hire a truck why not try a smaller scale transportation application such as a box trailer?There are many reputable companies that hire equipment out to people who need a quick transportation solution. Box trailer hire … Read more

Stainless Steel Waterstop for Concrete Joints

In most of the construction project you might have already used the PVC Waterstop but did you know about Stainless Steel Waterstop and its benefits?If not than this post is for you; as i am going to discuss in detail what is stainless steel waterstop? How it is fixed in the concrete? How stainless steel … Read more

Self Sealing Concrete Using Superabsorbent Polymer

Concrete throughout its life passes by many phases and changes, starting from initial shrinkage from hydration to serviceability hair cracking after loading. Concrete has countless advantages with no-doubt at all and is the reason why it is the second most widely used material after water.  During these phases the concrete also go through cracking which … Read more

Scientists from Singapore have developed Conflexpave a bendable concrete

Nanyang Technological University (NTU Singapore) scientists from the NTU-JTC Industrial Infrastructure Innovation Centre (I³C) have invented a new type of concrete called #ConFlexPave that is bendable yet stronger and longer lasting than regular concrete which is heavy, brittle and breaks under tension. This innovation allows the creation of slim precast pavement slabs for quick installation, … Read more