What happens when super plasticizer is added to concrete?

Since from the start the concrete has gone through several tests, experiments and additions in order to make it suitable for some specific situation and specific condition where normal concrete is not considered feasible or effective.  Admixtures are basically chemicals or compounds that are added in suitable proportion into the concrete in order to change … Read more

Ready Mix Concrete Definition Types Advantages

Ready mix concrete as the name suggest is the concrete that is already mixed in suitable proportions before arrival at site either on agitating trucks or dumpers as per the requirement of slump or material.  Basically the ready-mix concrete is mixture of binding agent and filler material. Filler material is crushed rock or sand that … Read more

Transparent or Translucent Concrete

Have you ever seen a façade or cladding giving look of a rock-hard material but still gives you a see-through and translucent look inside the building? .  The widest used construction material, which is sustainable and reliable as well, is getting a makeover by engineers of modern era. Transparent or Translucent Concrete  \”it’s even possible … Read more

Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete

Fiberglass is basically a matrix in which very fine fibers of glass exists. Fiberglass material is usually used for making of boats or for temporary sheds like sometimes on the roof tarus. That is the reason where ever the word fiber glass is touched ones always thinks of it as insulation boards or boats etc. … Read more

Concrete Vibration, Concrete Vibrators and its types

Quality of concrete depends on many factors among which the most vulnerable and defenseless is workmanship. During pouring the concrete and execution of work cautious supervision is imperative. The supervisor has to look for many things including the finishing of concrete, pouring quantity, at-site testing, unremitting and continual supply of material from the batching plant. … Read more