Reasons Why Steel Reinforcement Is Used In Concrete?

Recently one of our fans have asked us on a social networking site the above cited question about why we use steel reinforcement in concrete moreover why only steel not any other metal available in the industry.  Well, working on a mega DAM as structural engineer I can imagine how much huge quantity of reinforcement … Read more

Concrete Vibration, Concrete Vibrators and its types

Quality of concrete depends on many factors among which the most vulnerable and defenseless is workmanship. During pouring the concrete and execution of work cautious supervision is imperative. The supervisor has to look for many things including the finishing of concrete, pouring quantity, at-site testing, unremitting and continual supply of material from the batching plant. … Read more

All about Lightweight Concrete

Structural lightweight aggregate concrete is an important and versatile material in modern construction. I has many and varied applications: multistory building frames and floors, curtain walls, shell roofs, folded plates, bridges, prestressed or precast elements of all types, and others. In many cases the architectural expression of form combined with functional design can be achieved … Read more

QualityTests and Experiments on Concrete

Mostly concrete structures are failed due to poor workmanship which is a very tricky factor to control. Structures build with concrete has a life both from serviceability point of view and from structural point of view and this life depends solely on the quality of the material while placing.The quality of concrete is tested by … Read more