Stirrups in Civil Engineering and Construction (rebar in columns and beams)

Stirrups are a vital component in construction and civil engineering reinforcement, serving as a crucial support structure for concrete beams, slabs, and columns. They are typically made of steel and are used to anchor rebar in place, providing additional strength and stability to reinforced concrete structures. What are stirrups in civil engineering? Stirrups are small, … Read more

Bar Bending Schedule for Circular Slab

In our previous posts we have already explained what bar bending schedule is? What information does a bar bending schedule provides? How to calculate and estimate the bar bending schedule of a simple beam. Today in this post we will be going to establish bar bending schedule of a circular slab. As the Bar bending … Read more

Reasons Why Steel Reinforcement Is Used In Concrete?

Recently one of our fans have asked us on a social networking site the above cited question about why we use steel reinforcement in concrete moreover why only steel not any other metal available in the industry.  Well, working on a mega DAM as structural engineer I can imagine how much huge quantity of reinforcement … Read more

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Concrete

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Concrete sometimes called carboconcrete is a type of concrete that is reinforced with carbon fibers so it’s also known as “Carbon Reinforced Concrete”; It is a highly stressable lightweight composite construction that combines special fine grain ultra high-strength concrete and carbon fibers. It has higher strength than steel with quarter of its … Read more

10+ Field Tips for Inspection of Rebars or Reinforcement

In construction of a mega project there is always insightful sort of technicalities involved which has to be checked / identified technically. The process demands a sound technical engineering judgment and careful observation. Reinforced Cement Concrete, despite of other important checks, needs to be checked for rebar against the provided construction drawings / shop drawings … Read more