Bar Bending Schedule for Circular Slab

In our previous posts we have already explained what bar bending schedule is? What information does a bar bending schedule provides? How to calculate and estimate the bar bending schedule of a simple beam. Today in this post we will be going to establish bar bending schedule of a circular slab. As the Bar bending … Read more

What is Bar Bending Schedule?

Bar Bending Schedule or BBS is actually a detailed tabulated worksheet showing the particulars of reinforcing bars as needed in reinforcement drawings of a structure. The phrase “Bar Bending” is so because at the steel yard where different types of reinforcement are cut and bent this table is used as a reference to bend the … Read more

How to Construct Bar Bending Schedule of a RCC Beam?

Now let us develop bar bending schedule manually from the start and for the beginners who are just about to dive in this field. Longitudinal Section of a Typical Beam Sections of RCC Beam In this example we will assume a rectangular beam supporting from both ends probably on walls having a span of 10 … Read more

What are the qualities of a good bar bending schedule?

It is always ensured that the person preparing the bar bending schedule must have a solid site execution experience. The rebar designation and cut length must be carefully selected as it will be the defining point for the scrap which will be remained after cutting and bending.  1. The bar bending schedule must ensure to … Read more