What is Foundation, Different Types of Foundations

Foundation substructures are structural members used to support walls and columns to transmit and distribute their loads to the ground. “Footing is the lowest part of the structure that distributes the load on a larger area to avoid any shear or axial failures of the structure” What is foundation? Design Criteria of Foundations  For proper … Read more

Download Isolated Foundation Design and Analysis Excel Sheet ACI 318M-95 [XLS]

Today I am going to share with you a very excellent Excel Sheet for the design and analysis of Isolated Foundation of column based on ACI 318 code. It involves all the checks and steps involved. Download Isolated Foundation Design Excel Sheet Do you Know Isolated foundation are mostly used for columns and frame structure … Read more

Download Raft Foundation Design and Analysis with a practical approach by SC Gupta

Foundation engineering has been practiced as an art, without help of science, since time immemorial up to 1920 when it had  achieved a considerable amount of refinement. It was in the earlier  1920s that a concerted effort was  made to study and understand the physical laws governing the behavior of sub surface materials, i.e..  soil … Read more

What is Grillage Foundation, Definition, Construction, Uses

A Grillage Foundation is a type of foundation often used at the base of a column. It consists of one, two or more tiers of steel beams superimposed on a layer of concrete, adjacent tiers being placed at right angles to each other, while all tiers are encased in concrete. Before going for details; let’s … Read more