Formwork Cost

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During any sort of construction the cost of formwork constitutes a major share that can be sometimes a major factor to be considered while planning and estimating. This post will dictate the cost of formwork for various structures. 

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Cost of Formwork for RCC

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The three main materials of the reinforced concrete work are concrete, reinforcement and formwork, so the total cost can be approximately distributed among the three items. That is, materials cost including cost of labor to transport and to place the materials in final position maybe assessed as follows;

Concrete 35%
Reinforcement 35%
Formwork 30%
Cost of formwork

It can be seen that the cost of formwork is appreciable and proper importance should be given to the design of formwork. F rented, cost of formwork includes rental charges and charges of labour required for reassembling, dismantling and transportation of different component parts. 

Factors Effecting Cost of Formwork

The exact proportions of cost are, however, affected by the following factors;
(I) The simplicity or complexity of the structure
(II) The availability of the repeated formwork
(III) The specified surface appearance of the concrete
Superficial burning of planks can be used to get a rough surface. As a rule of thumb practice, the cost of formwork for RCC is estimated from 25-33% of the total cost of the concrete structure. 

Cost of Formwork for building construction

Formwork cost is a major part of the total cost and normally varies from 30 to 65% for building works; however, for complicated works or with special surface finishes such as helical stair cases or for the construction of minars, it may increase up to as much as 80%. 

Cost of formwork for huge building structures

The cost of formwork varies from 5% to 25% of the total cost for bridges, highway, and dam construction etc. Such jobs are bigger in magnitude and again a lot of money is required for formwork necessitating careful design. 

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