Rain water harvesting and water scarcity problem in Pakistan

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The following paragraphs will explain a thing that will let anyone to easily say at the end that the problem always born while taking the solution within itself. The problem we were trying to get the rid off is basically “Water Scarcity” problem, it defines the shortage of water not due to the lack of water but because of mismanagement and lack of planning we lost it very cheaply.

Rain Water Harvesting Tank Installed in House

In order to get converted any problem we need to find a long lasting and feasible solution, the solution which we have found as a result of our research, surveys, study, visits, calculation is Rain water harvesting.

Rain water harvesting a combination of three words is a modern efficient technique to store rainwater in a considerable magnitude in a manner that is always helpful for the victims. 

The water which is commonly wasted through ducts installed on the roofs of the residential, commercial or any other structure is commonly and mostly wasted through ducts and drains off without any usage and suitable advantage. In the solution of this problem we just installed storage tanks that can be underground or above the ground to let the rain water be stored in an efficient way.

The problem of water scarcity is basically because of urbanization, a social phenomenon that lets the rural areas got converted into urban areas, because in urban areas the ground is mostly covered with cemented carpeting that does not let the rainwater to percolated in the soil and reach the underground water tank as its ultimate destination, what happens because of urbanization is; that rainwater is wasted without being used in the form of evaporated water, although water is never wasted but for that land when water is evaporated before its proper usage  it is in waste, Which also causes flooding in the streets and in the urban developed areas of the country.

So to stop it we need to build Inverted recharge wells, this idea in Pakistan has been introduced by CDA(Capital Development Authority) Islamabad, the Deputy Director General of CDA Shahid Sohail, said that this system has been installed behind Faisal mosque and are basically the concrete made underground water reservoirs that has a bore hole with in its core center through which a pipe is installed so as to guide the excessive water in to the ground to help in percolation of water.

Now the question arises why should we do rainwater harvesting, in fact rainwater harvesting is the cheapest of all available methods. It is easy to understand and easy to install it is efficient in economy and efficient in working as well.

In a nutshell we can say that the water scarcity problem can be easily avoided by proper planning and doing rainwater harvesting on the victim areas. It will ensure a solution that will never let you down, and will always have some output to help you out in the rainy days when you don’t have water in your buckets but have water in your eyes.

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