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Although about Structural Engineering there are alot of books being written and published, but that scattered knowledge and information needs useful arrangement so that structural designers and professionals might not get difficulty in finding the required information in a short span of time. This book titled \”Structural Engineer\’s Pocket Book\” written by Fiona Cobb is intended for this purpose. It is written in simple English and yet covers all the aspects that a stuctural engineer needs to cater.

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Book Name:

Structural Engineer’s Pocket Book


Fiona Cobb




Chapter # 1: General Information

Chapter # 2: Statutory Authorities and Permissions

Chapter #3: Design Data

Chapter # 4: Basic and Shortcut tools for Structural Analysis

Chapter # 5: Geotechnics

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Chapter # 6: Timber and Plywood

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Chapter # 7: Masonry

Chapter # 8: Reinforced Concrete

Chapter #9: Structural Steel

Chapter # 10: Composite Steel and Concrete

Chapter # 11: Structural Glass

Chapter # 12: Building Elements, Materials, Fixings and Fastenings

Chapter # 13: Useful Mathematics

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As a student or graduate engineer it is difficult to source basic design data. Having been unable to find a compact book containing this information, I decided to compile my own after seeing a pocket book for architects. I realised that a Structural Engineer’s Pocket Book might be useful for other engineers and construction industry  professionals.

My aim has been to gather useful facts and figures for use in preliminary design in the office, on site or in the IStructE Part 3 exam, based on UK conventions. The book is not intended as a textbook; there are no worked examples and the information is not prescriptive. Design methods from British Standards have been included and summarized, but obviously these are not the only way of proving structural adequacy.

Preliminary sizing and shortcuts are intended to give the engineer a ’feel’ for the structure before beginning design calculations. All of the data should be used in context, using engineering judgement and current good practice. Where no reference is give  the information has been compiled from several different sources. Despite my best efforts, there may be some errors and omissions.

 I would be interested to receive any comments, corrections or suggestions on the content of the book by email at [email protected], it has been difficult to decide what information can be included and still keep the book a compact size.

Therefore any proposals for additional material should be accompanied by a proposal for an omission of roughly the same size – the reader should then appreciate the many dilemmas that I have had during the preparation of the book! If there is an opportunity for a second edition, I will attempt to accommodate any suggestions which are sent to me and I hope that you find the Structural Engineer’s Pocket Book useful.

 Fiona Cobb

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