Treatment of dampness in walls in many ways

Dampness is the cause, reason and initiator of many defects and diseases in all sorts of construction from roads and transport systems to building and housing facilities. It might be a headache for you in rainy season and it might not let you sleep easily because of the danger and consequences of its presence. This … Read more

Unable to Connect to Database Connection, Would you like to configure the database connection now? Primavera P6 [SOLVED]

During the Primavera running process or mostly due to computer crash due to power supply failure or any similar issue you got an error in Primavera P6 regarding connection to database PMDB,  Reason PMDB is Project Management Database that is connected via Microsoft SQL Server (PRIMAVERA). What happens due to computer or PC crash this … Read more

What is Liquidated damages? What are its clauses

Monetary compensation for a loss, detriment, or injury to a person or a person\’s rights or property, awarded by a court judgment or by a contract stipulation regarding violation of contract. Definition Cash compensation, agreed to by signed, written contract for breach of contract, payable to the aggrieved party. {Law Dictionary: (Black\’s Law Dictionary} Generally, … Read more

Solid waste disposal and collection system in Pakistan

Solid Waste is basically defined as a material which has no value for the people, the people themselves are responsible for this trash and is not carried through sewerage pipes and as the name suggests is in solid form. There are a number of sources from which solid waste is generated, distribution of solid waste … Read more

Installing Problem of ETABS, Patch problem [SOLVED]

Some of users of have encountered a problem while cracking ETABS, the problem is when they used to crack or patch the main file “etabs.exe” the patch program displays an error regarding not able to open the “etabs.exe”. This problem mostly occurs on Windows 7 and Windows 8 because of improved security reasons, the … Read more