Railway Track Design online Calculator

Railway engineering is a significant branch of transportation engineering, Railway transportation is an on-land transportation system with air ways and sea ways as other parallel off-land transportation means. Railway transportation share a healthy burden of transportation of a community or country, carrying large bulky luggage from one end to heavy duty tanks, military equipment at … Read more

Vehicular and Industrial Combustion Emissions Presentation

Combustion is a process by which any thing burns, in our industries and in our vehicles we utilize this process to get some energy and then some power. But these combustion processes are not prefect and thus we have some emissions along with it which produces many harmful and hazardous effects on our environment. vehicular … Read more

Rain water harvesting and water scarcity problem in Pakistan

The following paragraphs will explain a thing that will let anyone to easily say at the end that the problem always born while taking the solution within itself. The problem we were trying to get the rid off is basically “Water Scarcity” problem, it defines the shortage of water not due to the lack of … Read more

What is scouring, Bridge Scouring? How to calculate Scour Depth?

Scouring can be defined as a process due to which the particles of the soil or rock around the periphery of the abutment or pier of the highway bridge spanning over a water body, gets eroded and removed over a certain depth called scour depth. Scouring usually occurs when the velocity of the flowing water … Read more