Civil Engineering Jobs In Nespak Pakistan

NESPAK is a leading consulting firm of Pakistan, is hiring engineers and professionals this season. It includes both fresh and experiences jobs.  The job openings is in different divisions,  In Water Resource Division, GIS Expert, IT Professional, Junior & Senior Engineer (Agriculture) is required  In Contract Division, Junior / Senior Engineer Contract is required In … Read more

Invitation to Tender in Construction Sample

Tendering constitutes a formal offer to execute the contract work in accordance with the various contract documents for the contract price as quoted in BOQ. It usually includes the contract period within which the contractor is to complete the work. The contractor is generally asked to enter into a bond whereby he provides to sureties … Read more

Contract Documents consists of

The word “Contract” is derived from the Latin word “Contractum” meaning Drawn down. Contract consist of an agreement between two or more parties under certain terms and conditions whereby one party undertakes to execute works or to supply materials at specified rates and the other party undertakes to make necessary payments for the work completed … Read more

Contract Documents Definition, parts, sample

A contract document consists of following types of papers:1. Conditions of contract2. Technical Specifications3. Bill of Quantities or BOQ4. Contract Drawings5. Form of contract Note: Language for all the documents should be exact , so that, later on the meaninings may not be  wrongly interpreted. 1. Conditions of Contract Conditions of contract are classified into … Read more

8+ Terms Contract Managers must know

In every modern era Civil Engineering Consulting companies as well as Government and private clients there is a proper person who is said to be responsible for all the correspondence regarding contracts and documentation. Contract manager has to deal with the legal aspect as well as technical aspect of a civil engineering project. Here are … Read more