Lipping to Repair Cracked or chipped edges of the MDF Doors

Recently we have been asked on our social media channel regarding a problem of cracked or chipped edges of the door sheet panels. The person stated that doors were installed and they were engineered or veneered. When the carpenter installed the door edges of the sheet were chipped. So He was inquiring that is there … Read more

9+ Dont’s Must To Follow By Civil Engineers Working At Site

Working as a Civil Engineer at site is a challenging, demanding and exigent task. You might have been worked as a Design Engineer, Planning & Accusation engineer in a suited-booted environment with 9-to-5 working hours; but believe me your nerves and your mental / physical abilities might not be tested.  Condition of Civil Engineers at … Read more

Tips to Write a GREAT CV as a Civil Engineer

You’re a great engineer! You know the right way to design structures and you create efficient solutions for your clients. However transferring this into writing a great CV that gets you a great job can be difficult. Many people ask me  why this is necessary?  They say “but surely at interview I can show my … Read more