Tips for pressure washer – Type of nozzle & get perfect spray

A pressure washer’s exceptional cleaning ability makes it a necessity for many households. But as with all powerful tools, proper use requires great care. So, here we are with some ingenious tips for pressure washer so you can make most out of the process and bring your home’s exterior back to life. A pressure washer … Read more

Cracking or Popping Concrete Roof Slab – Problem – Solutions

I was asked by one of our fans about occasional cracking or popping sound coming from roof concrete slab which was cast just a year ago. This cracking sound was being heard in day as well as during night times.  Why Does my Roof Keep Popping? Actually there are a lot of factors that are … Read more

Lipping to Repair Cracked or chipped edges of the MDF Doors

Recently we have been asked on our social media channel regarding a problem of cracked or chipped edges of the door sheet panels. The person stated that doors were installed and they were engineered or veneered. When the carpenter installed the door edges of the sheet were chipped. So He was inquiring that is there … Read more

6+ Trending types of Windows for 2018

A nice looking, appealing and attractive home is a fantasy for all humans. A home that has apposite provision of lighting arrangement, has well ventilated rooms with feeling of freshness is a desire of every one building his house. To satisfy these demands doors and windows are provided as means of light and air into … Read more