Construction Accidents : Risks and Types

The construction industry, if given name as deadliest industry would not be wrong. It is inherently a hazardous industry with special thanks to the heavy equipments and giant mechanized robots contributing significantly in the occurrence of fatal accidents at construction sites.  Construction Accidents : Risks and Types  The fatalities caused by road accidents, agriculture is … Read more

9+ Dont’s Must To Follow By Civil Engineers Working At Site

Working as a Civil Engineer at site is a challenging, demanding and exigent task. You might have been worked as a Design Engineer, Planning & Accusation engineer in a suited-booted environment with 9-to-5 working hours; but believe me your nerves and your mental / physical abilities might not be tested.  Condition of Civil Engineers at … Read more

Statistics Show an Improvement in UK’s Offshore Safety and Health Standards

The country’s health and safety standards have improved markedly over the past few years, especially in the offshore oil industry. In their 2016 Health and Safety Report, Oil and Gas UK detailed the current working conditions of offshore workers, and the statistics make for some very good reading. The good folks at Fraser Hydraulics have … Read more