Defence Engineering – How to become a defence engineer – Career Guide

How to become a defence engineer?
How to become a defence engineer?

Defence engineering is at the forefront of the protection of nations. The industry is working non-stop to provide advanced technology for the promotion of security and safety. Top defence engineering firms like Bendtech Defence offer days of work to provide advanced technological solutions to all. It’s always best to be prepared and properly equipped as … Read more

Benefits of Quality Rubber Sports Flooring, its Health and Wellness benefits

Introducing excellent rubber sports flooring guarantees the solace, well-being, and actual soundness of the competitors. To play any sport, be it b-ball, bocce ball, tennis, or volleyball, requires a game-fitting playing surface. At the point when they contemplate sports or some other actual work, the vast majority center just around the effect it has on … Read more

Inverted Arch Foundation – Uses – Advantages – Disadvantages

An inverted arch or invert also known as reverse arch foundation and is a civil engineering structure in the form of an inverted arch, inverted in comparison to the usual arch. In general meanings, the inverted arch is not used to support loads as in the case with flying arch but rather it is used … Read more

Water Leak Detection Methods and Best Practices

A water leak can be an unwelcome discovery that often bears serious and expensive consequences. To a surprising number of people, however, a leaking faucet or a hairline crack in a water pipe does little to cause alarm, particularly if the bulk of the problem is hidden behind a wall or beneath the ground. For … Read more

Chimney Cricket and its flashing with roofing system

The next time you have a roof repair or replaced never ever try to ignore the chimney roof valley as well as other dead valleys because they are the ignored spots overlooked and is the main reason for a deteriorated roofing system. Chimney Cricket and its flashing with roofing system What is cricket or saddle? … Read more

How to Choose Final Year Project and get Success (Guaranteed)

Working for your Final year Project is not a hectic and boring routine and you must not take this for-granted.Take this as an exciting opportunity and try to develop interest by concentrating on the topics of your taste.For Civil Engineers\’ we had created a secret list of awesome, innovative and interesting final year projects you … Read more

4 Methods To Prevent Basement Flooding

Your house comprises of various types of rooms and amenities, which are all there for a purpose. Hence, maintaining them is important so that they can benefit you in several ways. One of these places is a basement that serves multiple purposes such as for laundry, storage, protection against bad weather, etc. Basements are also … Read more

Feng Shui can Bring Money by setting your Home accordingly

Everything within the universe has a direct or indirect impact on universe due to its existence. The waves originating from the nature of the things have its effect on the manners, personality, thinking and character of a human individual. The human body absorbs all sorts of energy waves. This electric shock is composed of thoughts … Read more

Skylights New Trends and Energy Efficient Building

Is your home a bit blockage and closure sort of stuff? Or some portion of it is having shortage of illumination? Or maybe the space of your room doesn’t allow you to have a window or a door in there? If that is so, then this is not a big problem in this 21st century … Read more

9+ Home Building Trends 2018 to Watch

As the year has started the people are now looking for trends in home building, home building trends 2018, trends in residential architecture; So today I am going to present my research and experience with you.As the size of computer has been reduced a lot in the past decades allowing us to keep it in … Read more

Radon Mitigation Techniques in a Building

In this  post I am going to discuss radon mitigation techniques in a building because it is a relatively new concern and the one in which techniques to deal with it are just emerging. What is radon? Radon is a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas found in soils and underground water. An element with an atomic … Read more

9+ Uncommon and Rare Type of Beams you don\’t know

As a civil engineer and construction expert, you’d be familiar with a lot of common beam types and kinds but did you know there are a lot of uncommon types of beams you don’t know. Or in other words there are many uncommon types of beams you should know and in this post I’d be … Read more

3D Laser Scanning in Construction

3D Laser scanning technology that is also sometimes referred as high definition surveying (HDS), is a method of digitally capturing and collecting surface data with extreme precision using a beams of laser scanner which quickly captures the highly accurate distance of densely-scanned points over a given object. Laser scanning is a technology of high-accuracy mapping … Read more

Malaysia to Experience Benefits of BIM and Cloud Technology in Mass Rapid Transit Project

The concepts of BIM Cloud technology is not new and we are already witnessing the utilization and application to these computing innovations in the field of construction. The construction projects are perceived as the most complex, unforeseen and way too pricey at times. The success of any construction projects to my experience depends more on … Read more

India\’s First Ever Underwater Metro Train Tunnel beneath River Houghly

A first in India, the two parallel 520-meter under the river tunnels will connect Salt Lake Sector V in Kolkata to the Howrah Maidan across the river, being elemental in Rs. 8,900 crore East West Metro Project by the end of July 2017. The work using a huge Tunnel boring Machine (TBM) has already begun … Read more

Stanford engineers develop planning tool for replenishing aquifers

You might have already known about the countless inventions, methods and startups striving to protect and store the underground hidden aquifers which are the potential source for drinkable and potable water. And on the parallel lines companies have installed and mounted innumerable recycling systems for treating waste water that can be consumed for agricultural irrigation … Read more