4 Methods To Prevent Basement Flooding

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Your house comprises of various types of rooms and amenities, which are all there for a purpose. Hence, maintaining them is important so that they can benefit you in several ways. One of these places is a basement that serves multiple purposes such as for laundry, storage, protection against bad weather, etc. Basements are also the places where the drainage pipes generally connect to the sewage system. Therefore, there are chances that it may get flooded due to damage. If that happens, you can understand the stressful situation. Instead of facing the problem with helplessness, why not prevent it from happening in the first place. Thus, this post will offer you some tips to keep your basement safe from unexpected water flooding.

4 Methods To Prevent Basement Flooding
4 Methods To Prevent Basement Flooding
  • Maintain and clean downspouts and gutters

When you keep the debris out of gutters, it ensures that the water from storms and rain flows through them without any hindrance. In addition, the downspouts should have the capability of directing the water a minimum of four feet from the foundation. This is necessary so that the water does not pool up against your house. If the distance is not long enough, then you may need to use troughs or extensions for the downspouts to accomplish that distance.

  • Monitor and repair cracks in the foundation

Water can openly intrude through the cracks in your houses foundation. To prevent damage due to water and flooding, first monitor the foundation from the exterior. This inspection can also include checking of the walls in your basement regularly. If you see cracks in any of these places, then you can use adhesive resins like epoxy to fill those gaps. If the water leakage does not stop even after that, then you may need to call upon a professional plumber to do the job. Also, read about how to manage smell in basement.

This task is important so that your septic system is clean at all times. Unclean septic tanks can lead to heavy damage due to water in your basement, etc. Overflowing water, sewer backups, and frequent clogging are just some of the many problems that you may have to face. Thus, you must maintain the septic tanks by checking and cleaning them regularly to avoid troubles.

  • Get a flood insurance

Sometimes the best way to avoid the expenses of dealing with basement flooding is by purchasing a flood insurance. This will not prevent the flooding, but will aid you in those crucial times by providing you coverage for your loss. In addition, you can also purchase add-ons for backups and clogging due to sewage. Thus, it is prudent that you check your house’s insurance policy once again and see if you have this service available on it or not.
Flooding in your basement can be a hectic mess that may require you to call upon a professional to fix. However, the prevention methods are still manageable by you if you are willing to adapt them in your house cleaning and maintaining activities. Therefore, apply such methods and prevent your basement from hazards.

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