Green Building Trends for 2018

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It is imperative nowadays that we should consider Green Building Trends for 2018 and so our beloved planet Earth while doing any construction project.  Because of this, we observe these days that construction companies of the world are made to follow strict environment preservation rules and regulations while constructing towers and building.
So today I am going to discuss about some of the trending green building trends to watch in 2018.

Disaster Proof Buildings

Extremely fluctuating climate and global warming has become enemy of the construction business. That’s why whether construction is new or old it has to be in accordance with some standards. In recent times the climatic change has shaken the real-estate business monetarily.  According to news, the property owners of United States had to bear the loss of 400 Million USD this year.
So in order to avoid such setbacks in future experts and owners are spending more dollars to make their buildings disaster resistive.  So the companies are spending more money on making sustainable buildings and infrastructure that can resist climatic changes like sky kissing towers, buildings that can resist the flow of erosive high speed waters and roof systems that can bear the guts of speedy winds.
Green Building Trends for 2018


Every year in construction industry tons of material is wasted. Similarly while demolishing buildings and during renovation a lot of material is kept unused. So the construction experts are testing mix designs of recycled materials. If these materials can’t even be reused in buildings, than they can be crushed again and mixed in asphalt roads as recycled asphalts.

Green Building Trends for 2018 and Beyond

I was amazed by an answer of a student that What is Green Building?. He replied, the building colored as green. Lolz.
Green building is an environmental friendly building with minimal discharge of harmful gases, efficient use of energy and water with minimal loss, efficient use of rain water by harvesting methods, the walls of such buildings are full of life i.e. covered plants, flowers and bellows while the sources adopted for energy acquiring are environmental and climatic friendly.
By construction of such buildings will be advantageous to the life of our beloved planet and also will be light on the money in our pocket.

Environmental Friendly Buildings

According to a report by BBC Web report, environmental friendly buildings can prove beneficial to the life of our plant and our living life quality. International Code Council has introduced and published a new set of codes and standards to make our buildings safe and our construction environmental friendly.  In these code rules for factors like construction methods, heating, and air conditioning are defined. While developing these codes help was taken from construction and environment experts.
One of the perfect examples of such building is that of National Association of Realtors situated in Washington. It has been built with recycled concrete and steel on a location where there was an adversative gas station.
The glass around the periphery of the building is a reflective type which confines the solar heat energy within the building and saves energy. Designers of the building have used the local made furniture while the floor finish was made with recycled material. Construction of such kind of building was not a legal obligation but the authors of the code are hopeful that bylaws would be made be bound the constructors.
According to Richard Wieland the first version of the published code as International Green Construction Code (IGCC) is a first step towards green revolution. The authors of the code and other supports of environmental friendly commercial construction believe that local governments would implement this code and would make such laws to bound commercial buildings for protection of environment.
Myke Armstrong one of the authors of the code said that the code explains all the useable construction material, wasted construction material, energy, light and about the land on which the buildings will be constructed and the code is meant to make commercial buildings more sustainable.
A construction expert Christopher Gren was one of the creators of the code. According to him, environmental friendly construction has many dimensions which include how much energy it is utilizing? What is its impact on environment? How good is the quality of air within building premises? What sort of material is used for construction?
According to Cristopher and other experts the buildings in America consumes 40% of the total energy consumption of the country.  These commercial buildings are consuming even more energy than that of transportation and industry. This also includes the electricity consumption by printers, lights which remain lit throughout night and other such items.
Realtors building of Washington utilize the rain water by collecting and giving to the plants in the building. The Employees of the building are encouraged to use cycles while the in toilets cautious use of water is ensured.
The recent sun strikes of Dhaka, Karachi, Delhi and other areas of the Asia shows that the time has come for the region to adopt the findings and learning of the west. And use all such Green Building Trends for 2018 in our buildings, offices and infrastructures; otherwise, it would be disastrous for our lives as well as our future generations.

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