Chimney Cricket and its flashing with roofing system

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The next time you have a roof repair or replaced never ever try to ignore the chimney roof valley as well as other dead valleys because they are the ignored spots overlooked and is the main reason for a deteriorated roofing system.

Chimney Cricket
Chimney Cricket and its flashing with roofing system

What is cricket or saddle?

A cricket or saddle is an edge structure intended to redirect water on a rooftop around the high side of a smokestack or the change starting with one rooftop zone then onto the next, the cricket is typically indistinguishable pitch from whatever is left of the rooftop, yet not generally.
A chimney cricket is a little crested rooftop which is introduced on the posterior of your chimney to divert water and trash from your chimney

Why cricket or saddle is important?

At the point when your chimney is situated on a descending incline of your roof, you doubtlessly are encountering water pooling around the base of your outside chimney where it meets the roof.
So also, your chimney may have a width of more than 30 inches, which can likewise make water amass around the chimney\’s base.
This water gathering can be hazardous to your masonry chimney as it can saturate the bricks and mortar and cause genuine harm and weakening. Water spilling down your chimney dividers is another probability.

What is meant by flashing of cricket?

Roof leaks are regularly found close to the base of the chimney and can normally be ascribed to inappropriate flashings. Brick chimney flashings comprise of a few parts including underlayment, step flashing, a metal seat, mortar, counter flashings, and solder.

Brick and Stone walls require legitimate advance and counter flashings, while siding and stucco sidewalls ought to have step flashings woven through the shingles and tucked under the wall protection. Numerous unpracticed contractors will essentially depend on caulking or tar as the arrangement, which can really cause more mischief than anything.

Why moisture penetration should be avoided?

A chimney saddle requires not be introduced if the convergence between the chimney and roof is ensured by sheet metal flashing that reaches out up the chimney to a tallness equivalent to something like one-6th the width of the chimney, however at the very least 5.9 inches, and up the roof incline to a point break even with in stature to the flashing on the chimney, yet at least 1.5 occasions the shingle introduction.

Water spills are the greatest adversary of your masonry chimney on account of the measure of harm and decay it can cause to the bricks, mortar, chimney pipe, and the inside of your home. Ensuring your chimney with legitimately introduced flashing including a cricket can spare you from costly fixes brought about by water infiltration.

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