Feng Shui can Bring Money by setting your Home accordingly

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Everything within the universe has a direct or indirect impact on universe due to its existence. The waves originating from the nature of the things have its effect on the manners, personality, thinking and character of a human individual. The human body absorbs all sorts of energy waves. This electric shock is composed of thoughts and religion. The positive and negative waves are always effecting the surrounding environment and people; this energy is called Chi Energy (pronounced as key-energy).

Feng Shui can Bring Money by setting your Home accordingly

Similarly the environment and setting of a house also emit energy radiations. The knowledge of Feng shui allows us to utilize the positive energy radiations while emanate the negative ones. According to this knowledge, the redundant stuff resting in the home, doors, cabinets and store is considered as a hurdle for the positive rays and radiations.

Feng shui encourages minimal furniture along with airy and spacious room where natural moving and freshening light gives it a roomy look.
The surrounding environment has an enormous impact on the personality of a man. And due to this reason we have found that a healthy concentration is given during the construction of houses in China and Japan. The homes in there are more spacious, airy and illuminated.
The meaning of word Feng shui is air and water. When applied on our homes, it helps us in devising ways for mitigating the negative energy into positive.
Never take this knowledge as a myth, as from centuries it has been followed by the architects. From one place Feng shui relating to the traveling of radiations, it will allow ease of movement in your house and producing positive results in there. However, the ones who accepts its presence takes it as more powerful and capable.
If you follow it in the right direction and in true spirit than you will be able to see its positive impacts and natural increase of money in your home. So here in this post we will be going to share with you some of the most important steps to follow :-

An attractive entrance hallway

If the exterior look and portion of your house is not attractive and eye-catching than obviously it won’t be able to win the attention of guests as well as of money. So whenever you are constructing your house always give prior importance to the entrance hallways, make them more attractive, illuminating and easy to access from everywhere.

An attractive entrance hallway

The outer gate or door of your house must be attracting positive energy and happiness so never neglect this step.

Make Water the Central Part

When you would admit and started thinking to follow the rules of Feng shui in order to attract the positive energy and ensure its constant flow than you won’t neglect the importance of water.
So always keep water prominent by using some water fixture in the exterior portion.

Make Water the Central Part


Never ignore the importance of Colors

In your house, the correct mixture and usage of colors can give your life money, balance, calmness, happiness and positive energy but all of it depends on the colors you would choose.
Red, Purple and green are considered as positive colors which can add in the flow of positive radiations. So in this way all the walls, furniture, cloths of your house can be awarded with some attractive colors.

Use some Plants

Circular leaves and red flowers are though helpful for your house to bring money, energy, positive thoughts and feelings for your life. The presence of plants at the doors can help in the flow of energy from one room to the other.

Use some Plants

Angle of Bed Room

Most of the dream houses are triangular or trapezoidal which are not good shapes as per the rule of Feng shui. Lots of angles and corners would reduce the flow of energy.

Ease in Movement is the key of Success

Straight hallways and ways helping to move will help the flow of money in your home. If you would throw lots of irrelevant stuff in your paths than it won’t give a good idea and the ability of your house to sparkle can be affected in this way.

Allow the air to come in

For easy circulation of fresh air never forget to reserve space for windows. Opening windows will proof helpful for your health and cleanliness. It is a basic need for a fresh breath air. You must continue this practice even in winters. You should set aside the curtains and allow air to circulate. The light of the sun and fresh air are your friends because they help you to remove negative energy from your house.

Well-ventilated Drawing and Living Room

The drawing and living room are the spaces where members of a house or guests sit and gossip. So they must be in such a place where natural light and air can easily circulate. The design of furniture must also follow the same rule. The sitting sofa set must be able to stand in line with the walls. The seats and tables must not be placed in a place where they can create hurdle in the ease of movement.

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