Now You might want to live in a boat if so? Here is how you can!

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Floating Homes (House Boat) that has been designed or modified to be used primarily as a human dwelling. These types of Homes are constructed on the sea shore or near lakes and places near the threatening shore line..

Importance of Floating Homes

These Homes are gateway to modern living system These Homes can fulfill our desire of living in Marine. A House that can survive the floodwater that generated by storm and heavy rainfall. Instead of having to repair homes due to flood damage each year ,the single initial cost of purchasing the home could easily minimal the damage.
We can enjoy boating, fishing, swimming and all other water activities from our home. People can also generate their electricity need. There is no need to buy a land for your home you can easily move to any shore. Floating homes (house boat) is getting more importance in different part of world especially in UK and USA. In different areas of UK and USA where hurricanes flooding have cause much destruction government have planned to built there floating homes.

Floating Homes

Floating Home Construction Process
 A Floating Foundation is the foundation of a home that does not use footings .Foundation of Floating Home made up of different layer of light plastic foam supporting the concrete allow it to float in a same way a boat would do. The foam is called EPS that is used for the bases of these homes is supported by water; which makes it virtually unsinkable.EPS(expanded polystyrene)  consists of variety of “pearls” or a closed cell structure, which consist of approximately 98% air this accounts for buoyancy. Because of potential degradation due to chemicals and insects ;the foam is covered with glass reinforced concrete and polyurea.  . The modified polystyrene is inserted in multiple layer in between stratums of composite concrete and divided into beam like modulus that can easily be assembled into a bigger floating structure a ‘ a bit like buildings blocks’. The modulus are arranged in a floating grid into which concrete is cast. Reinforcement is used to prevent the structure from cracking. Floating foundation can be a floating barge or set of pontoons. Stability has to be considered. The house and barge/pontoon arrangement must maintain the center of gravity below the center of buoyancy not only under all conditions when moored. The larger the floating foundation, the more stable the structure will be. Floating structure can be placed on steel pillars or hollow concrete body as shown in above fig

What are floating Homes

Types Of Floating Homes

Floating Homes can be anchored to dock or move with rise of water level of sea, lake or river. Floating home in anchored with Mooring post to deck that it can not be move. With respect to proofing Floating Homes are of two types

Wet flood-proofing

 The aim of wet flood proofing is to allow water to pass through the lower level of the house in a controlled manner. In this case, the man inhabitable levels are situated above the BFE (Base flood elevation ). Interior and exterior hydraulic pressure are the same when water is allowed through the sub-BFE parts of the house which reduce damage to the structural foundation. The parts of the house below the BFE should be resistant to water and to be situated at higher levels.

DRY flood-proofing

The aim of dry flood-proofing in contrast with wet flood proofing is protecting the house against flood without allowing water to penetrate the house.The option available to watertight the house include enclosure, sealants, membranes and coatings.Windows and door should be made especially watertight by shields or panel closure. One way valves are applicable to prevent water entering the house. A new dry flood-proofing system is the Floodskirt , comprising of a flexible skirt extending out of a glass fibre duct in the ground. In a crisis, the skirt can be attached onto hooks that keep it fastened to the wall. Zips prevent the passing. A floating home can rise up to 18 feet. According to design  floating homes are manufactured in different design like curved shape , boat form etc.


Climate change is redefining the rules by which we live and at a palace we never expected. Because of rising  sea level, several areas of the globe are in danger of vanishing from the map and also several areas are facing extreme mass destruction by flooding. So the society must adapt and maybe start living in floating houses because it is best defense system against flooding. In Pakistan  flood had create much mass destruction in past few years especially (2010,2012,13).Many people died and thousand of house float in the flood. For preventing areas of Pakistan from flooding floating houses is a best option of defense . Floating homes are best coping system against flood in Pakistan and other countries of world .Dutch architect has started number of floating homes in their countries to make a new trend of housing system . And these floating homes are getting popular day by day in Holland and UK, USA. Now its time for Pakistan government to overlook on this solution Of Coping with Flood.

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