Skylights New Trends and Energy Efficient Building

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Is your home a bit blockage and closure sort of stuff? Or some portion of it is having shortage of illumination? Or maybe the space of your room doesn’t allow you to have a window or a door in there? If that is so, then this is not a big problem in this 21st century of industrial revolution because experts have found a solution in the form of Skylights.

Skylights New Trends and Energy Efficient Building
Skylights New Trends and Energy Efficient Building

Although skylights were introduced in 20th century and we found its usage in ancient Roman constructions, however, they got famous in the modern time century. The varying styles of interesting and modern designs of glass have found its way not only to our offices but also in our homes. These skylights are composed of roof and windows unit which not only provide sufficient illumination in your house but also makes it energy efficient and sustainable.
However, selection of designs for skylights is a difficult task. The variety of designs and styles available makes this selection a bit tricky. So today let’s talk about skylights, their types and interesting innovations that can make your house more eyes catching.

Stylish Skylights

The portion of your house that is reserved for arrival of guests, is more important in terms of illumination and lightning. So in these areas the traditional types of boring skylights is not suitable. For living areas you can opt the dome shaped skylights which will make it more stylish and will protect it from the impacts of weather. With it natural light can enter and illuminate your room far more than that of window’s light. Reason of it is simple i.e. it is made at such an angle where more light can enter directly. And with such an impact you can also make a small indoor garden because the light can suffice the needs of a plant required for photosynthesis.

Home Entrance and Mirror Skylights

In the modern day construction, the hallways to the house are also decorated and are being ornamented in similar fashion as the actual rooms of the house. So if your hallway does not have sufficient light, you can utilize the skylights by fixing mirror skylights in the roof. The glass made skylights can either be from mineral glass or strong tuff glass or both. For the hallways you can opt for the color full glass as it would make the entrance very eye-catching and thematic. This effect makes the Mirror Skylight more common than other types.

Home Exterior and Skylight Sheds

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To give the exterior of a house – a beautiful look and to utilize the direct natural light in the house – the use of skylight sheds is a trending idea. This type of skylights is provided in the outer portion of a house during construction.

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Skylights made with wooden framed glass

The skylights made with wooden frames are often used in large houses. They are being used in open kitchens, entrance or hallway stairs. These types of designs often give more illumination than the standard designs. Due to this, these lights are used in those portion of a house where light is minimal and only sky light is the solution.

Green Skylights

Efficient use of energy in a house makes skylight a trending option of the modern era. The skylights can reduce the amount of energy consumption and thereby reducing the amount of utility bills including electricity and gas. A research has also proved the positive impact of natural light in efficient working of human mind and body. It will be interesting to know that the room that is equipped with the light of a skylight is warmer as compared with the normal room.

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