Gordie Howe International Bridge – Construction update

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News has surfaced that the tower on the Canadian side of the Gordie Howe International Bridge has recently achieved its full height, marking a significant milestone in this monumental project. Heather Grondin, the Vice-President for the Windsor Detroit Bridge Authority (WDBA), revealed that the American side’s tower reached its peak this past August.

These towers play a crucial role, bearing not only the weight of the bridge but also the future traffic. Additionally, they support the cables connecting from the road deck to the towers themselves. Each towering structure ascends 722 feet, equivalent to 220 meters into the sky.

Grondin emphasized the importance of these towers, stating that they are not only engineering marvels but also key components in defining the skyline. Completing this phase of the project is not only a technical achievement but also a significant moment for the entire community, as people can now witness the tangible progress and visualize the impact of the cable-stayed bridge design on the skyline.

Grondin acknowledged the friendly competition between Canadian and American workers involved in different phases of the project. Although Canada “lost” in terms of the tower completion timeline, Grondin highlighted the success of Canadian workers in advancing the road deck over the road.

To celebrate the completion of the Canadian tower’s height, WDBA produced a 10-minute video, providing insights into this pivotal stage of the project.

While the official opening date remains set for late 2024, there are discussions regarding potential delays due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on construction. Stephanie Campeau, Director of Stakeholder and Community Relations for WDBA, explained that ongoing discussions with Bridging North America, the group overseeing construction, are considering the implications of pandemic-related adjustments to the project schedule. Campeau mentioned the possibility of a shift in the opening target date, emphasizing the need for flexibility in light of the challenges faced during the pandemic.

Despite these considerations, progress continues on the Gordie Howe International Bridge project. The construction of the two bridge decks on opposite sides of the Detroit River is advancing, with expectations to connect them in the middle of the river in mid-2024. The six-lane cable-stayed bridge project also includes the development of new customs plazas in Detroit and Windsor, along with a new link to I-75 in Detroit.

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