Minnesota’s Rapidan Dam? Here’s what to know about its flooding and partial failure

Saad Iqbal | 🗓️ Modified: June 26, 2024 | ⏳ Read Time: 4 min | 👁 Post Views: 38

In a stark display of nature’s power and infrastructure vulnerability, the Rapidan Dam near Mankato, Minnesota, finds itself at the center of a tense standoff against floodwaters surging from the Blue Earth River. What began as a routine response to rising water levels quickly escalated into a race against time to prevent a catastrophic failure … Read more

Gordie Howe International Bridge – Construction update

Saad Iqbal | 🗓️ Modified: December 10, 2023 | ⏳ Read Time: 2 min | 👁 Post Views: 131

News has surfaced that the tower on the Canadian side of the Gordie Howe International Bridge has recently achieved its full height, marking a significant milestone in this monumental project. Heather Grondin, the Vice-President for the Windsor Detroit Bridge Authority (WDBA), revealed that the American side’s tower reached its peak this past August. These towers … Read more

Addressing Arizona’s Significant Drought Challenge with a Solar-Over-Canal Initiative

Saad Iqbal | 🗓️ Modified: December 9, 2023 | ⏳ Read Time: 3 min | 👁 Post Views: 124

Arizona’s innovative solar-over-canal initiative aims to combat the state’s major drought issue while generating clean energy. The Arizona Department of Water Resources announced the collaborative effort between the Gila River Indian Community and the US Army Corps of Engineers to address water scarcity and promote renewable energy in Arizona’s arid landscapes. Amidst moderate to extreme … Read more