How much does a cinder block weigh?

Muhammad Zubair Saleem | 🗓️ Modified: August 6, 2023 | ⏳ Read Time: 6 min | 👁 Post Views: 58

A cinder block with 4 inch size weighs about 15 to 26 pounds while that of a size 6 inches weighs 28 to 32 pounds. Bigger cinder blocks like 8 inches weigh 35 to 40 pounds, 10 inch size weigh 43 to 55 pounds while 12 inches size weigh 58 to 62 pounds. The largest … Read more

How many yards in a ton of Gravel, Sand, Cement, Rock?

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Now a days, there is a common question which is being asked daily is “How many yards in a ton?” That’s when you’re dealing with materials like gravel, sand, cement, and rock. Knowing the number of yards in a ton helps you in your next landscaping or home improvement project.   So, keep on reading … Read more

Grouting Vs Vitrification Properties – Material – Process

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While we’re talking about “Grouting vs Vitrification”; we’re comparing two of the most common methods used to fill gaps and crannies. While the grout is a mixture of cement, sand, water, and admixtures is typically used to fill gaps or crevices.  Vitrification, on the other hand, is a process involves use of porcelain or stoneware … Read more

Full form of Civil – Civil Full form (Ask a Civil Engineer)

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When it comes to construction, the word civil is from the Latin word “CIVIS” that means Citizen. The Word Civil in Civil Engineering depicts that it’s an engineering field that deals with non-military works or construction works meant for the citizens or civilians of a community. You might have seen the abbreviation of civil as … Read more

The Advantages of Aluminum in Civil Engineering: A Comprehensive Guide

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In order to guarantee the longevity and success of a structure, the chosen material plays a significant role. There are many materials available; however, aluminum sits among the most advantageous and versatile choices. As a result, detailed below are just some of the benefits of aluminum usage in civil engineering, all the way from its … Read more