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The analysis and design of structures to resist the effect produced by time dependent forces or motions requires conceptual idealizations and simplifying assumptions through which the physical system is represented by an idealized system known as the analytical or mathematical model. These idealizations or simplifying assumptions may be classified in the following groups;Material assumptionsLoading assumptionsGeometric … Read more

What is Wobble Coefficient in post tensioning system?

Post tensioning structures are used in the design of buildings, bridges, and other structures with great tensile strength. There are several different types of materials used to make these structures, including steel cables and bars, high-strength steels, concrete, or fiberglass with or without steel fibers. When the material is put under tension during construction (or … Read more

Structural Dynamics and Vibration in Practice by Douglas Thorby Download PDF free

This book is primarily intended as an introductory text for newly qualified graduates, and experienced engineers from other disciplines, entering the field of structural dynamics and vibration, in industry. It should also be found useful by test engineers and technicians working in this area, and by those studying the subject in universities, although it is … Read more