Download AASHTO Soil Classification Excel Spread Sheet [XLSX]

AASHTO stands for American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials. Developed in 1992 a comprehensive soil classification system that helps field engineers in estimating the general properties and characteristics of the soil encountered during the foundation preparation and other relevant construction works.  After the first publication the classification system…continue reading →

What is Raft Foundation?

Raft foundation are among the most common types of foundations used these days keeping in view the structural safety, requirements and the ground bearing capacity.  What is Raft Foundation? So you might also be the one that are told by their contractors or construction experts that your house is going to be…continue reading →

Pile Foundations in Engineering Practice by Shamsher Parkash & Hari D. Sharma [PDF]

The book with the title Pile Foundations in Engineering Practice written by Shamsher Parkash from Missouri University and and Hari D. Sharma from California is a best text book for foundation engineers, Geotechnical Engineers and experts of Pile foundations and deep foundations.Download Pile Foundations in Engineering Practice Shamsher Parkash &…continue reading →

What are fender Piles?

The piles used to protect concrete deck or other water front structures from the abrasion or impact that may be caused from the ships or barges (when they are tied up at the desk), are called fender piles. The fender piles are originally made up to timber.Sometimes a man-made marine…continue reading →

What Is Under-reamed Pile Foundation?

Many times during soil exploration, geotech engineers have to face soils that are very likely to undergo volumetric changes due to moisture variation underneath the ground surface. This expansion and shrinkage can cause distress which is very dangerous and critical as far as bearing of the foundation is concerned. This is…continue reading →

What Are Secant PILES?

You might have heard a structure called Cofferdam, it is a structure built to divert water either of river or groundwater so as to make a dry, safe and sound environment for the construction activity to carry out. This cofferdam can be a typical retaining wall type or it can…continue reading →

Raft Foundation

The word foundation is taken as the base of everything, the mind directly shifts towards the importance, safety related words that are associated in a must-to-have manner. Similarly in Civil Engineering and in structures foundation is the supporting base of a structure which forms the interface across which loads are…continue reading →

What is Foundation, Different Types of Foundations

Foundation substructures are structural members used to support walls and columns to transmit and distribute their loads to the ground.“Footing is the lowest part of the structure that distributes the load on a larger area to avoid any shear or axial failures of the structure”What is foundation?Design Criteria of Foundations For…continue reading →
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