Difference between End Bearing Piles and Skin Friction Piles.

Deep foundation especially pile foundation is best suited and mostly used for a low bearing and bad textured soil or for the heavy load structures. Bearing capacity is the deciding factor for the geotechnical design of foundation. Bearing capacity of soil is defined as load bearing capacity of the soil without having different settlement as … Read more

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cast in Situ Concrete Piles

Cast In Situ is a term meaning a construction item or structural member like a beam or in this case a Pile that is to be constructed, assembled or poured at site rather than prefabrication in a factory. Generally in cast in place or cast in situ construction concrete is transported from a batch plant … Read more

What is Underpinning? Methods and Procedures for Foundation Repair

A resilient and robust foundation is a sure way to guarantee a stable structure that could withstand and tolerate the forces of nature by satisfying the strength and serviceability requirements. Primarily the significance of foundation in a structure is same as the importance of the word “foundation”. Failure of foundation is a predominant reason behind … Read more

Pile Foundations in Engineering Practice by Shamsher Parkash & Hari D. Sharma [PDF]

The book with the title Pile Foundations in Engineering Practice written by Shamsher Parkash from Missouri University and and Hari D. Sharma from California is a best text book for foundation engineers, Geotechnical Engineers and experts of Pile foundations and deep foundations. Download Pile Foundations in Engineering Practice Shamsher Parkash & Hari D. Sharma [PDF] … Read more

What are fender Piles? – Its Types, application and uses in construction

Fender Piles
Fender Piles

Ever wondered what fender piles are and why they’re used in construction? Fender piles are large vertical members driven into the ground next to the ship and they protect the dock or ship’s wharf from the vessel’s collision. Pre-stressed concrete Fender Piles are the material of choice for preventing collisions between fixed piers and boats. … Read more