Download AASHTO Soil Classification Excel Spread Sheet [XLSX]

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AASHTO stands for American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials. Developed in 1992 a comprehensive soil classification system that helps field engineers in estimating the general properties and characteristics of the soil encountered during the foundation preparation and other relevant construction works.  After the first publication the classification system has undergone several revisions. 
Download AASHTO Soil Classification Excel Spread Sheet [XLSX]
Download AASHTO Soil Classification Excel Spread Sheet [XLSX] 

In the construction of pavements and highway including airways and runways the soil classification is very important so as to determine the quality of the sub-grade material. 
I have already written an article on how we use AASHTO to classify any type of soil with a step by step approach. You can follow the link below. 

But today I am going to share with you a ready to use excel spreadsheet or workbook in which you can only input the pre-requisites and a comprehensive report stating all the properties of the soil under observation would be produced to you which you can print and share for your project. 

Features of the Product

  • Automatic Classification of Soil according to your inputs
  • Comprehensive Calculation Showing 
    • Soil Main Category
    • Group
    • Group Index Value
    • Significant Constituent Material
    • Subgrade Rating
  • Comprehensive Report Showing 
    • Properties of Constitents
    • Group Index and Group name
  • Notes and Graphs are also attached for ready reference and cross checks

  • Name of File : AASHTO Soil Classification – Adnan Aslam (1).xlsx
  • Type of File :XLSX
  • Size :234 KB
  • Cost of File : $5.00 USD 
  • Author : Mr. Asad Warriach (Gujrat Pakistan) 
  • Shared by : Mr. Asad Warriach (Gujrat Pakistan) 
  • Shared Date : 4-Jan-2018

Download AASHTO Soil Classification Excel Spread Sheet [XLSX]
Download AASHTO Soil Classification Excel Spread Sheet [XLSX]  

PDF Generated Report
PDF Generated Report 

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