Concrete forms – Tips for formwork construction

Construction workers use concrete forms to provide support for poured concrete in load-bearing structures. This task requires a good deal of specialized equipment and knowledge. For larger projects, contractors may need to hire specialists, but most smaller jobs can be completed safely in-house. A Stable Concrete Structure: 5 Formwork Construction Tips Construction foreman need to … Read more

Keeping Cash Flow Steady in Construction

By: Dean Kaplan, CEO and President, The Kaplan Group Like many seasonal businesses, construction companies often have trouble keeping their cash flow steady. The highs are great, but the lows have the capacity to ruin your business. Sometimes even the highs can be hard on your business, if you find yourself in a situation where … Read more

Heavy Equipment Maintenance Checklist & ▽ Free Tips ▽

Earthmoving and heavy-lifting equipment are essential to the agricultural, construction, and mining industries all over the world. These expensive and necessary machines need to be used to their maximum efficiency and effective potential in order for such demanding work to be conducted. Savings can be made on high quality industrial surplus machinery. To ensure the … Read more

Pedram Zohrevand An INSPIRATION for Civil Engineers

One person might be an engineer and another might be an architect, but this doesn\’t mean that they lead one another. Instead, they should work together to create designs. Make sure you ask as many questions as possible. Always be willing and happy to learn. Pedram Zohrevand is a renowned engineer and he has worked … Read more