What Is Pointing In Brick Masonry?

The joints between bricks in brick masonry are very important from aesthetic as well as structural point of view; because these joints are mostly remained rough and are a basic source through which the moisture penetrates from bottom to top of the wall.  To make this weak point of brick masonry a strong and long … Read more

Comparison Between Stone Masonry And Brick Masonry

(1) Stone is stronger and more durable than brick and for public buildings; it is decidedly more suitable than brick. It reflects strength in every inch of it. It is in tune with nature. Its color improves and looks more serene with age. On the other hand, brick is an artificial product made as a … Read more

Different types of Bonds used in Brick Masonry

Bond is the arrangement of bricks or stones in each course, so as to ensure the greatest possible interlocking and to avoid the continuity of vertical joints in two successive courses, both on the face and in the body of a wall. Types of Bonds used in Masonry OBJECTIVES OF BONDS A bond is provided … Read more

Brick Masonry

When bricks are laid in mortar in a proper systematic manner, they form a homogeneous mass, which can withstand forces without disintegration. This mass of the structure, so made by the use of bricks is called \”Brick Masonry\” or simply \”Brick work\”. Bricks are of uniform size and shape, light in weight, durable, fire resistant, … Read more

Amazing wall rendering machine, Automatic wall plastering machine AWQ800

In Building Construction the Brick masonry construction is a time-taking job, especially when the walls are load bearing. The finishing work in Building Construction is comparatively more time-consuming then the construction of the skeletal structure. Scientists have recently developed an automatic machine that can do the plastering work for you just in few minutes, Yeah … Read more