9+ Home Building Trends 2018 to Watch

As the year has started the people are now looking for trends in home building, home building trends 2018, trends in residential architecture; So today I am going to present my research and experience with you.As the size of computer has been reduced a lot in the past decades allowing us to keep it in … Read more

Civil Engineering Jobs in State Bank of Pakistan, Karachi July, 2017

State Bank of Pakistan Recruitment of Professional Engineers. SBP Banking Services Corporation (SBP BSC) was established in 2001 as a wholly owned subsidiary of State Bank of Pakistan. As an operational arm of State Bank, SBP BSC operates through a network of 16 Field Offices across the country having its Head Office at Karachi. For … Read more

Determination of Cracks Width in Reinforced Concrete Member

What would you do if you enter in a building and saw some cracks in a beautiful pattern like that of an ECG of human heart? Obviously you will start running out of that building. But what if the designer of that building gives you a surety that he has checked all the structural requirements … Read more

Why bricks are soaked in water before lying in Brickwork?

Reason to soak the bricks in water can be understood by first having to study the behavior of the materials involved in brick masonry. The Basic materials involved in Brick Masonry are:- 1) Clay Bricks / Tiles2) Cement-Sand Mortar Brick is actually termed as any building material which is rectangular in shape; however usually the … Read more