Sustainable Bricks – Manufacturing – Types & More

Imagine a world where every building tells a story, every wall has a voice, and every brick holds a secret. This isn’t just poetic imagery; it’s the reality of the role that bricks have played in shaping our civilization. But what makes bricks so special? Crafted from earth, molded by hands, and fired with precision, … Read more

Brick Masonry

When bricks are laid in mortar in a proper systematic manner, they form a homogeneous mass, which can withstand forces without disintegration. This mass of the structure, so made by the use of bricks is called \”Brick Masonry\” or simply \”Brick work\”. Bricks are of uniform size and shape, light in weight, durable, fire resistant, … Read more

20+ Important points regarding Brick Masonry Construction Supervision

Bricks being the cheapest and long lasting are the most widely used construction material on the planet. Bricks made up of clay are heat resistant that not only protect the inner environmental from harsh weathers but also provide sufficient strength and stability to the structure and are light weight as well. Supervision in construction is … Read more

Cheap Bricks from waste – a new invention from Civil Engineers

“Necessity is the mother of invention” – The quote that explains the reason why inventions exists around us. Most of the houses are build with bricks, the bricks a unit construction entity that makes up the building from sub-structure to superstructure. The cost of bricks owns a major share in the cost of the building. … Read more