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Innovation and novelty in construction is a continuous process having no end. With the development and advancement in scientific knowledge the allied and applied engineering drive benefits from that. One such example is being seen in Tehran, the Capital of Iran where an architect’s company named “NextOffice” have made an outclass multistory luxurious house titled “Sharifi-ha” with 3 floors pivoted on its base with ability to rotate at 90 degrees.

Sharifi-ha House a rotating house in Iran – Tehran

Besides this feature of rotating elements the building houses too many luxurious elements that makes it a majestic and highly unusual house. The rotating portions allow the building to completely change its outlook and its function.

The Sharifi-ha house is a seven story building showing the practical usage of two-dimensional space as a three dimensional space. Out of the seven stories three stories have that pivoting and rotating feature which allows them to rotate out 90 degrees just by a touch of a button.

The idea behind this rotating feature was to allow the occupants to change their space and arrangement according to the climate. The ingenious design is all motorized, and the movement of the rotating volumes includes the dispatch of necessary stairs, handrails, and safety features to make the newly-defined spaces safe and livable.

Each of the moving volumes can be rotated separately, allowing the residents to customize their living space in a way that no other home does. The spatial transformations are, in a way, a nod to traditional Iranian homes which feature different living spaces for summer and for winter. The Sharifi-ha House just does it in a spectacularly modern way.

The below-ground levels of the home contain the gym, pool and other recreational facilities. The ground floor houses parking facilities and staff quarters. The higher floors contain communal areas, bedrooms, bathrooms and plenty of space for lounging and visiting. The incredible home was completed in 2013 and is a testament to the architectural firm’s skill in designing a highly complex but still exceedingly lovely abode for some very lucky

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Innovation is for sure a very outgoing and very unique process in every field and every field of education. This building in Tehran, Iran is a very unique from various point of you. You must have to visit Sharifi-ha House. 

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