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Structural analysis is a branch of structural engineering which deals with determining the external reaction forces and internal stresses as a result of applying external forces. Analysis in engineering means that we are given with external forces and the cross-section of the structure is provided along with dimensions and we have to determine its capacity and strength.
Structural analysis or analysis is inverse of structural design in which we have given the resistive capacity of the structure along with load to be absorbed by the structure and we have to determine the cross-section or the dimensions.
Download Structural Analysis by Aslam Kassimali

Structural analysis is a very historic branch of civil engineering, there are many old and empirical methods of structural analysis along with some analytical ones as well, and some modern methods with the name of fine element analysis etc.
In this post I am going to share with you a very famous and well renowned book on structural analysis that is also used as text book along with some other structural analysis books like that by R.C. Hibbler. The numericals and the explanations are written in a very easy-to-understand English for students and teachers.

Title of the book

Structural Analysis


3rd Edition

Author of book

Aslam Kassimali


Part 1 Introduction to structural analysis and loads
Introduction to structural analysis
Loads on structures
Part 2 Analysis of statically determinate structures
Equilibrium and Support Reactions
Plane and Space Trusses
Beams and Frames: shear and Bending Moment
Deflections of Beams: Geometric Methods
Deflections of Trusses, Beams, and Frames: Work-Energy method
Influence Lines
Application of Influence Lines
Analysis of Symmetric Structures
Part 3: Analysis of Statically Indeterminate Structures
Introduction to Statically Indeterminate Structures
Approximate analysis of Rectangular Building Frames
Method of Consistent Deformations – Force Method
Three-Moment Equation and the Method of Least Work
Influence lines for statically Indeterminate Structures
Slope Deflection Method
Moment Distribution method
Introduction to Matrix Analysis
Appendix A
Appendix B

Appendix C

Download Structural analysis by Aslam Kassimali

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